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Graphite Portraits

All of the portraits below are part of my new business endeavor. 
My business name is  Art and Soul.   
Currently I am drawing graphite portraits from photos.  
If interested, contact me at the following address with  portrait in the subject line 
Rates are very reasonable


Click the Thumbnail for a larger picture - scroll over picture and click for full size.



jenetteframe2.jpg (113650 bytes)

World War II Vet
Smooth Bristol board 9x12



Morgan2.jpg (109971 bytes)

80lb sketch paper 8x11

girl_dogframe2.jpg (100950 bytes)
Puppy Love
Smooth Bristol board 9x12


couple2.jpg (145849 bytes)

Smooth Bristol board 11x14 


baby.jpg (102792 bytes)

Smooth Bristol board 11x14 



sketch2.jpg (62265 bytes)
Smooth Bristol board 9x12


JeansAunts2.jpg (69110 bytes)

Jean's Aunts
Smooth Bristol board 14x11



girl1mat.jpg (41241 bytes)

Young Girl
Smooth Bristol board 9x12



boy1mat.jpg (29373 bytes)

Young Boy
Smooth Bristol board 9x12



joeframe2.jpg (147023 bytes)

In memory of Joe

Pvt. Albert J. Wagman USMCR
World War II

Smooth Bristol board 11x14



ProjectResized.jpg (81789 bytes)

Shadow Box and Portrait
Smooth Bristol board 12 X 9
Background and Curtains watercolor & ink
Production list - velum, Roses - wire 


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Revised: December 19, 2006 .

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